Flatsome ra mắt bản cập nhật 3.18 big update

Flatsome vừa tung ra bản cập nhật 3.18 thêm rất nhiều tính năng mới cũng như là cải thiện tốc độ ở phiên bản cũ hơn, ngoài ra những update gần đây của Flatsome giúp nó tương thích hơn với Woocommerce phiên bản mới, động thái này giúp Flatsome đang giữ vị trí số 1 trên Themeforest nay càng nhiều lượt mua hơn vì sư dễ dàng tùy chỉnh, cũng như nhẹ nhàng của đó đem lại. Ngay cả Code-WP.com cũng đang sử dụng nó nha, mời bạn cùng xem qua các thông tin update trong lần này.

<pre>--- 3.18.0 (08.11.23) ---
NEW: WooCommerce 8.3 compatibility.
NEW: Debuting tailored Pjax functionality. Facilitates ajax-driven navigation & filtering (optional).
NEW: Shop: AJAX for product category widget, filter widgets & sorting (optional).
NEW: Builder: Color Eyedropper tool for effortless screen color picking.
NEW: Scroll to the top after Pjax navigation option.
NEW: Mini cart: Quantity input (ajax-driven) option.
NEW: Mini cart: Free shipping bar option.
NEW: Mini cart: Empty cart icon & return to shop button.
NEW: Mini cart drawer: Show cross-sells option.
NEW: Mini cart drawer: Sticky footer option.
NEW: Cart: Free shipping bar option.
NEW: Checkout: Free shipping bar option.
NEW: Added advanced menu section 'Content Delivery'.
NEW: Blog pagination type choice (Normal/AJAX).
NEW: WooCommerce pagination type choice (Normal/AJAX/Infinite scroll).
NEW: Blog posts element pagination (pagination links, load more, prev/next) on row, masonry & grid layout.
NEW: Blog posts element pagination alignment.
NEW: Blog posts element pagination ID and Class field.
NEW: Blog posts element pagination position.
NEW: Products element pagination (pagination links, load more, prev/next) on row, masonry & grid layout.
NEW: Products element pagination alignment.
NEW: Products element pagination ID and Class field.
NEW: Products element pagination position.
NEW: FAQ schema support to accordions, for improving SEO and search result visibility (optional).
NEW: Lottie scroll action type option (seek, play, playOnce).
NEW: Single product gallery type option (slide, fade).
NEW: Custom accordion anchor.
NEW: Custom tab anchors.
NEW: Maintenance mode: Body class.
NEW: Maintenance mode: Bypass by key.
NEW: Maintenance mode: Exclude by role (default).
NEW: Option to display WhatsApp among the Header Contact fields.
NEW: Option to set Off-canvas / Drawer width.
NEW: Option to set Off-canvas Cart Drawer width.
NEW: Select theme colors in the Block Editor.
NEW: Shop catalog ordering enable/disable option.
NEW: Shop catalog result count enable/disable option.
NEW: Smoother theme scroll-to animation.
NEW: Title link rel option.
NEW: Title link target option.
NEW: Tooltip color & background color options.
NEW: UX Blocks admin category filter and column.
NEW: Added 2 header block slots.
NEW: Bullet list cross icon.
NEW: X (social media) icon.
NEW: X follow link option.
NEW: X share link option.

PERFORMANCE: Optimized code execution for global Ajax requests.

ENHANCEMENT: Added 'Manage your licenses' link in the setup wizard register step.
ENHANCEMENT: Added all theme icons in the builder icon value dropdown.
ENHANCEMENT: Added comments template to all page templates.
ENHANCEMENT: AJAX add to cart scroll to notice on notice.
ENHANCEMENT: Changed mini cart heading tag from h4 to span.
ENHANCEMENT: If using lightbox login, notices will now show inside the lightbox login/register form.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved shop swatch reset limited reset logic.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved the theme logo in the backend.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved various customizer options visibility (hiding options that depend on other settings).
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WooCommerce notices on transparent header.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.
ENHANCEMENT: Quantity button alignment in shop loop products.
ENHANCEMENT: Remove the default sliding animations on off-canvas buttons.
ENHANCEMENT: Removed title attribute from WooCommerce gallery images to prevent the display of image filenames in the native tooltip.
ENHANCEMENT: Sticky add to cart functionality for stacked layouts.
ENHANCEMENT: Support iframed Block Editor.
ENHANCEMENT: Swatches/shop: Improved cache clearance.
ENHANCEMENT: Use custom CSS properties for theme colors.
ENHANCEMENT: Various customizer options are reordered more logically.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Improved layout when php notices appear.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: B2B for WooCommerce Ajax add to cart product pricing.
FIXED: Vertical menu dropdown not same height as fly out on Safari.
FIXED: Blog posts excerpt trimming issue to ensure accurate length and avoid duplicate ellipses.
FIXED: Ensure Flickity is initialized before attempting to destroy.
FIXED: Header HTML slots did not render shortcode in preview in some cases.
FIXED: hide-for-small & hide-for-medium classes did not take effect in drawers.
FIXED: List item indentation in UX Block menu dropdown.
FIXED: PHP 8.2 deprecations.
FIXED: Position of slider arrows (circle/outside style) and its reveal animation.
FIXED: Review count on related and upsell products on a single product page.
FIXED: Swatches/shop: out-of-stock class added when only one variation was out of stock.
FIXED: Theme file editor: Prevented false positive syntax error in header cart element template.
FIXED: Updated and renamed old quick view hooks with flatsome prefix.
FIXED: WooCommerce translation domain name was used in portfolio templates on some strings.
FIXED: UX Blocks admin menu item text for adding a new block.
FIXED: Banner: Sticky option did not function.
FIXED: Live search results RTL styling.

CHANGED: Infinite scroll button string changed to 'Load more'.
CHANGED: Infinite scroll settings are moved to 'Content Delivery' section.
CHANGED: Removed noreferrer from rel attributes on blank targets.
CHANGED: Sticky add to cart now utilizes a separate template.

DEV: Added experimental_flatsome_pjax filter.
DEV: Added experimental_flatsome_pjax_enabled filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_mini_cart_contents action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_mini_cart_cross_sells action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_mini_cart_empty_message action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_single_product_lightbox action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_mini_cart_cross_sells action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_mini_cart_empty_message action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_mini_cart_total action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_single_product_lightbox action.
DEV: Added flatsome_html_atts filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_maintenance_mode filter (filterable access mode).
DEV: Added flatsome_relay_classes filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_relay_control_classes filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_relay_pagination_args filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_shipping_free_shipping_threshold filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_show_mini_cart_item_quantity filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_single_product_lightbox_product_gallery action.
DEV: Added flatsome_single_product_lightbox_summary action.
DEV: Added flatsome_swatches_box_display_min_count filter.

Note: Minimum required WP version 5.9.0.
Note: Eyedropper tool operates only in secure 'https' contexts or on localhost, with support for Chrome and Edge browsers.
Note: WooCommerce result count and catalog ordering will display even if removed (by code) in the shop by their old actions. Use the new UI options in the product catalog section to re-disable them if desired.</pre>